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Save Saddleback San Clemente Hospital
PO Box 73906,
San Clemente, CA 92672

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Recent Supporters:

  • I am a transplant patient. If I needed emergency care, I would need it immediately. With traffic being what it is, too many people needing immediate care would be jeopardized.—Susan F., San Clemente, CA
  • It would be a tragic mistake, no doubt costing lives, if this hospital and ER were to be closed!—Mark C., Dana Point, CA
  • My mother had a massive stroke and it was so valuable to have the hospital so close. The entire staff was so proficient and yet they were very personal. The hospital was unique because of the feeling that was there. I believe that feeling came from the medical personnel, staff and size.—Wendy C., Laguna Niguel, CA
  • I work as a Charge RN in the ER, I don't know if the great citizens of San Clemente realize what a huge impact the closure of this facility will have on their ability to obtain emergency medical care. The closure of our ER can literally mean the difference between life and death for many patients.—Yvette M., San Clemente, CA
  • I could die without this ER—Dan M., San Clemente, CA
  • My life was saved in this ER.—Annika J., Laguna Beach, CA
  • We have lived in SC for over thirty years..This hospital has played a vital part in saving us from major health issues..Just last year my husband went into heart failure and no way could he have survived a trip to Mission or Laguna...My daughter had a ruptured appendix at 2am and SC ER and hospital took great care with her..I could list many times we needed the immediate care of SC ER over the years....The hospital has been a unique place that is vital to this growing community..It would be a terrible tragidy to remove this wonderful hospital.....Thank you for helping us save this Hospital—Lynne W., San Clemente, CA
  • I feel that our hospital must remain open as an ER facility for our city to remain a safe and healthy place to live.—David B., San Clemente, CA
  • This hospital saved me in 1996 when I was having an allergic reaction.—Debra F., Oceanside, CA
  • I live in this community. I was born in this hospital and it is still needed in this area. This town has many older citizens and they need access to close care - we all do.—Crystal H., San Clemente, CA
  • Mission Viejo is too far when a person is in real need of emergency care. Don't they know how many elderly people live here? I don't live in a senior community - but there are ambulances in my neighborhood at least once a day!—Marilyn H. San Clemente, CA
  • South County residents all need this hospital in San Clemente, not just those of us who live in SC. Losing this hospital puts many lives unnecessarily at risk. Don't do it!!!—Mark E., San Clemente, CA