Hospital Group Makes Its Own Facility Proposal

Proponents of the current Saddleback Memorial Medical Center-San Clemente campus have put forward their own proposal for the future of the site—one they hope will allow for the continuation of emergency services uninterrupted while out-patient services are expanded.

Dr. Gus Gialamas of Save San Clemente Hospital announced the proposal during Tuesday’s San Clemente City Council meeting. A resident, he said, had agreed to donate $250,000 toward the design of a new facility, which would add a multi-level parking structure to the current footprint. Under the proposal, a portion of the current hospital facility would be kept open as an emergency room while a three-story, 60,000-square-foot hospital building would be built on the south end of the current emergency room. In a second phase, the remaining portions of the current hospital facility would be demolished and replaced with a two- to three-story medical office building which Gialamas said could house the outpatient surgical, imaging and other services desired by MemorialCare.

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