Letter to the Editor: Keep San Clemente’s Hospital for All of Area

To the City Councils and residents of Dana Point, Capistrano Beach, and San Juan Capistrano: San Clemente Hospital (and its emergency room) is important to all of us.

It is staffed by excellent doctors and nurses. It is close and easy to get to for ambulances and local people (Plus free parking). Many lives have been saved due to its easy access and convenience. Minutes can make the difference between life and death. Other hospitals are miles and time away. It is the only local hospital not under Catholic Church control which is important for contraceptive and secular patients. As our area grows, and it will, we need a local hospital; we have always been the neglected triangle area of south Orange County. Mission Hospital is large and like a factory. I have been a patient at Laguna Mission and San Clemente and I have had the best care and life-saving care at San Clemente Hospital, plus they have a chef and the food is great, which is important in recovery.

Good food is great for patient morale and something to look forward to, as basically, hospital life is not where we want to be—and rather boring—between tests and treatments.

Please support saving San Clemente Hospital. Write a letter to MemorialCare: 17360 Brookhurst Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 and support the San Clemente City Council, you can email all of the members: CityCouncil@san-clemente.org. Or send a letter to: San Clemente City Council, San Clemente City Hall, 100 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente, CA 92672.

We all need San Clemente Hospital and emergency care.

Originally posted on The Capistraon