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Other cities around the country have been successful in preventing hospital closures.  Many of you may know that citizens of Laguna Beach successfully stopped the closure of South Coast Hospital. We can do the same. We are asking for your involvement through written support, volunteering, or financial donations. Below are ways you can get involved and help us protect our rights as San Clemente residents:

In the event that you chose to donate to save our hospital, please send a check, or drop it by and pick up a tee shirt.  You can also donate at

Help us create a healthier and safer San Clemente. Please join this important cause that will affect our families and future generations. Get involved and help save San Clemente Hospital!

In signing this petition you are encouraging Saddleback MemorialCare to bring other solutions to the table that will keep our hospital open. You are also inviting the San Clemente City Council and Congressman Issa to engage in this issue.

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This Petiton will go to:

  • Barry Arbuckle, MemorialCare Chairman
  • Bob Baker, San Clemente Mayor
  • Kathy Ward, San Clemente City Council Member
  • Tim Brown, San Clemente City Council Member
  • Lori Donchak, San Clemente City Council Member
  • Patricia Bates, California State Senator, CA 36th Senate
  • Bob Baker, San Clemente City Council Member
  • Rep. Darrell Issa, California-49