Win-Win Solution - Save San Clemente Hospital

Win - Win Solution

MemorialCare has claimed that Saddleback cannot continue as a standalone facility with a full service emergency room due to financial reasons and planned to raze the hospital and replace it with a medical office building and an urgent care operation.

Save Saddleback volunteer Dr. Gus Gialamas presented the initial outline of the proposal to the San Clemente City Council Tuesday night.

“We’re proposing a compromise; an emergency room, a state of the art boutique hospital, and everything else MemorialCare has said it wants,” Gialamas said.  “This is a true solution that is great for the community and great for MemorialCare.”

South Orange County deserves a new full service, state of the art hospital that will provide the highest quality patient care, serving the communities of San Clemente, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano.

A new local full service hospital will serve all of our citizens, regardless of financial means and provide the closest, safest and most effective emergency care services.

This hospital will provide world-class medicine to patients within the community, including our large senior citizen population who deserve immediate access to short-term and long-term hospital care services. In addition, the traveling public will also have access to emergency services.

As our region continues to grow, our community faces unique challenges when it comes to healthcare with regards to the vast distances we must travel to receive hospital care services. South Orange County must take the initial steps towards creating a higher standard of healthcare for its citizens through a local, full service, state of the art hospital that will benefit the community in the following ways:

A state-of-the-art medical facility will…

  • Provide the highest quality of healthcare
  • Bring more jobs to our community
  • Maintain and improve emergency care services
  • Increase quality healthcare access for hard-working families, including the uninsured and underserved communities
  • Keep our patients and community healthy
  • South County cities would have access to the highest quality of healthcare in their own cities
  • Help boost our local economy and contributes to our tax base

Phase 1

We can easily connect the existing emergency department to the hospital by creating a new corridor – all while keeping the emergency room open to our community.

Phase 2

Next the administration department can be relocated from the existing structure to temporary trailers during construction while that portion of the hospital is demolished.

Phase 3

Finally, the new 2 or 3 story medical office structure will be built, along with a new, expanded parking structure.